Subscription Management

For Everyone

Subscription Management for CRM (SuM) is a product that we have developed at PossibilIT ourselves. It is intended to create a subscription management system by extending the CRM system Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Optimize Subscriptions

The program optimizes your subscription management and provides a simpler, easier, and more effective result. This tool enables you to manage your brands, titles, and products, such as software, newsletters, service, periodic expenses, access to online content, and maintenance contracts.

In the Cloud and On-Premise

SuM is available as add-on in the cloud and on premise. The low monthly costs also make it possible for small and medium-sized companies to work on the basis of subscriptions.

SuM Overview English

“The employees of PossibilIT worked very atonomous. We have left the initiative to solve certain issues with them. And we have always experienced it in a very positive way.”

Hans GermeraadANWB 
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